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Why Clean ?

Computers  and other electronic office equipment create static. Static, in turn, attracts dust, dirt and bacteria.


Cooling fans designed to stop overheating simply suck in dust, before long, a thin blanket of dirt and grease forms over sensitive components, causing them to overheat and malfunction, this often results in lost data and expensive downtime.


Keyboards, in particular, attract everything from food crumbs, Hair, Insects & Skin Flakes. this organic material If Left,will cause Bacteria to develop to digest  this material contaminating the surfaces and encouraging Viruses to form !

Laptop computers are particularly vulnerable as they can, and are used in many environments, ie, Trains, Public areas, Cafe's & Coffee shops! these places are more likely be the source of cross contamination of Colds & Flu and where Bacteria is spread.

Laptops therefor should be cleaned more regularly !!

Bacteria & Viruses can cause Ear, Nose & Throat infections, Skin deseases, Stomach Complaints and many other minor illnesses.

Checks on the key surfaces have found traces of Human waste, Salmonella, Listeria,E-Coli, MRSA, C-Difficille, being just some of the most common

Independent analysis has found that Computer Keyboards are the single biggest cause of cross infection in the office environment along with Telephones and Door handles.

Government statistics reveal that over £11bn is lost by UK business every year by day's lost to avoidable and uneccessary staff sickness.!!

Does your business contribute to this ?

"Free health check of your machinery" !

Why not let Tekniclene give your machines a free health check?

We’ll identify any problems you might have and give you a free report detailing our findings and recommendations. We can then advise  and help develop, a regular cleaning program to suit your needs,  keep your machinery free from harmful contaminants protect your staff and reduce time lost to time off through sickness.